DLC is in essence, all about PEOPLE and CHANGE. It is an international project to develop methods and provide opportunities, enabling adults over 40 with life changes and broken career paths to take control, deepen their understanding and bring out personal skills and competences.

We have drawn upon the experience and expertise of specially established Ideas Teams in each of the 8 partner countries. The people in these teams have drawn from their own life changes to find ways and means to gather practical and workable ideas, thoughts and activities to best support and guide others with broken career paths and to capture and capitalise on what we have collectively.

In this PEOPLE section you can now select Life Story Summaries of some of those in the project; see the various Change Triggers which brought about their Life Change; look at the international Ideas Teams and their work on the project and in Life Story Data, read what all those involved have told us about their lives.


Life Story Summaries

Change Triggers

Ideas Teams

Life Story Data