DLC 5 Stage Process


These are the 5 key stages of the DLC Life Change Process

I’ve reached a turning point in my life which I want to do something about.

I am open to finding out more, to consider new directions and possibilities

I want to know what I know well, what I’m good at doing and how I can discover some new choices

I now feel able to move forward in a positive and challenging way

I realise it’s important to keep looking back and reassessing in order to move forward.


People will move and evolve through these stages during their life change(s), some taking weeks, and some taking months or even years to go through the 5 stage process.
The Life Story Summaries show how different individuals progressed through the 5 stages in their Life Change(s) journey. And, for some, the process is still ongoing.


learning-modelchart-thumbFor an outline of the theoretical basis of this Process, click here.