The Project

The Project

The focus of the DLC Project was to explore new best practices to support and direct groups of adults 40+ with broken career paths. Through this, they are enabled to:

Take control after an enforced career break through being supported towards pathways that draw upon their experience, and which enhance and improve their existing situation.

Deepen their understanding to better equip reintegration into society and enhance their status as active citizens.

Bring out their personal skills and competencies, dormant and perhaps unimagined until this point .

Engage and/or re-engage in personal development which might for example include non-formal and formal learning, entrepreneurial activity, supporting others and volunteering.

Our aspirations in doing this were to shift mindsets in life changers from negativity about their future towards fresh thinking through reflection to find personalised solutions.

This enables 40+ adults to consider making and taking opportunities; and helps learning facilitators and life change agencies to reflect critically on their role.

For possible ways of taking these ideas forward go to Next Steps.

Further insight into The Project can be found below. This includes a link to the initial development website, with information and additional reading relating to the rationale, context and methods in DLC .